On Site Vermiculture Management

Best In Class Worm Farming Practices Made Simple

Little Buddies can work with you to process waste on site using best in class worm farming techniques and technology. We are leading the way in reducing the impact of business on the environment, and this includes reducing the distance travelled of waste.

Whether it is improving the effectiveness of your existing composting strategies, or providing a powerful new way to harness the waste your business produces, we're here to assist.

On Site Services

If you are a large producer of organic waste, we can partner with you to rapidly process your waste product in an environmentally friendly way, returning valuable nutrients to the soil.

Our Service Offerings

  • On Site Waste Processing
  • Worm Farm Sales/Leasing
  • On Site Worm Farm Management
  • Farm Support and Assistance
  • Consulting and Advice

We'd love to speak with you to understand how we can help. 

Fill out the form to see how we can collaborate.

Partnership Enquiry

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