On Site Vermiculture Management

The Problem

For a long time now, many farms, businesses, studs and orchards that produce large amount of organic waste have bunkered or composted their waste for reuse on their land.

Properly composting and processing this waste requires knowledge, time and attention that busy operators often do not have, resulting in sub-optimal breakdown of organic matter. 

Without proper management, organic matter becomes anaerobic under its own weight and effectively becomes a mini land fill, releasing large amounts of methane into the atmosphere, and harmful leachate that sinks into the ground and water table.

Even when managed correctly, the composting process can take months before the end product is stable enough to be used, leaving the product exposed to sun and rain which leaches out nutrients and provides a vector for seeds to be introduced to the compost though droppings, and wind.

There is a better way.

The Solution - On Site Waste Processing

For businesses, farms, and orchards that create large amounts of waste, we offer an on site partnership where we manage the composting process for you and operate worm farms on site to efficiently convert your waste into high quality vermicast. Outside the initial investment, there is zero touch required by you - we handle the entire process.

The end product, a high quality soil conditioner and fertiliser can then either be used by you or sold, with a share of the profits being shared back to you, the partner.

In a situation where the product is sold, we effectively pay you to have more time on your hands. That sounds like a pretty good deal to us. 

If you have a large waste output (Stable muckings, dairy shed run off, orchard waste and byproduct, dairy factory waste, paper and sawmill waste) and are curious about processing this waste on site, contact us today; we would love to learn about your situation and how we can help.

Waste Removal

Some operations prefer to have their waste removed and processed off site.

In general, we prefer to process waste on site:

  • It keeps the waste local. The less distance waste moves before it returns to the soil, the more efficient, cost effective, and (generally) environmentally friendly the process is
  • We try to minimise vehicles on the road to reduce the total emissions of the nutrient cycling process
  • The volume of waste drops by up to 40% through the composting and worm farming process. The less volume transported, the less impact the process has on the environment
  • Often the end result (vermicast/compost) can be used on site, and it makes no sense to us to truck waste off site, only to truck fertilisers and compost back to the property when we can make use of nutrients already present.
  • We are big believers that businesses who can show their customers that they are walking the walk regarding minimising the impacts their business has on the environment have a competitive advantage. We are here to help that happen.

While not our preferred approach, we can take care of removing your waste and processing it off site if required. We understand that some times you just need that waste gone, and we can help you solve that problem. If you wish to speak to us about this, please get in touch.

On Site Services

If you are a large producer of organic waste, we can partner with you to rapidly process your waste product in an environmentally friendly way, returning valuable nutrients to the soil.

Our Service Offerings

  • On Site Waste Processing
  • Worm Farm Sales/Leasing
  • On Site Worm Farm Management
  • Farm Support and Assistance
  • Consulting and Advice

We'd love to speak with you to understand how we can help. 

Fill out the form to see how we can collaborate.

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