Little Buddies offering organic waste collection and processing done better.

We’re keeping your organic waste out of landfill and turning it into nutrient-dense compost, as nature intended.

We save organic waste from going to landfill, where it rots and produces leachate & powerful greenhouse gasses, and instead turn it into useful vermicompost with the help of our Little Buddies (worm farms).

Let us help your business dispose of waste in an environmentally responsible way that reduces carbon emissions. Through our local network of vermiculture (worm farming) sites, we convert organic waste into a rich soil conditioner that replenishes our soils and helps to grow the next crop of fresh, local goodness.

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Home Worm Farm Do's and Dont's

Many of you have a worm farm at home and we've recently had some questions recently about how to look after your worm farm at home. While we operate worm farms at large scale, many of the principles Read more

Meet our Little Buddies

Here at Little Buddies, we use Eisenia fetida (eye-SEN-ee-ah FEH-tid-ah) AKA Red Wiggler's or Tiger worms for our worm farm practices. Of the over 9000 known breeds of worms, Eisenia fetida are bestRead more

How our Worm Farming practices solve multiple problems at once

The more we work with the community and businesses to improve their waste reduction and management processes, the more excited we become about solving food waste processing through worm farms.  ItRead more

Debunking the "Worm Wees" Myth

Every time we strike up a conversation around our worm farming practices, folks will excitedly tell us about how keen they are for some "worm wees" and we then educate folks on how worm farms workRead more

2021 Recap and 2022 Goals

2021 Recap What a year its been. In 2021 we started the mission to "Divert organic waste from landfill and return it to the land via worm farms and environmentally responsible processes". WeRead more

The #1 reason your worm farm fails

Why is my worm farm dying? We've all been there. You have a worm farm, and feel super great that you're doing your part to save the planet. But pretty soon you end up with a dead worm farm, and bigRead more

Carbon Sequestration

It is well known that soil organic matter (SOM) include improves soil quality through:  increased retention of water and nutrientsimproved soil structure which helps reduce erosionTheseRead more

Do You Sell Vermicast or Worm Tea?

Do you sell your vermicast/worm tea? Soon! We are as excited about providing high quality worm castings to the Waikato public as you are; diverting waste from landfill and returning those nutrientsRead more

Your Compost Could Be Killing Your Garden

If your plants are starting to show twisted, stunted growth and you're not sure why, you may be killing them with kindness. For many years, the idea of adding manure or compost to your garden hasRead more

Windrows vs Continuous Flow Reactors

There are many ways that vermiculture can be managed. The simplest of these methods is known as windrowing. Organic matter is laid in rows, typically around 1.5 meters wide, and about half a meterRead more

On Site Waste Processing

Large producers of waste often prefer to truck their waste off site to be processed at central facilities. While this may seem attractive, as it gets the waste off your land and out of sight, we prefRead more

Why Worm Farming?

We believe that a combination of Hot Composting (also known as thermophilic composting) and worm farming is the most efficient means of breaking down organic waste and returning it to the soil. HotRead more