Consulting Services - Your Waste, Our Expertise

In the journey towards sustainable business practices, every company faces unique challenges, especially when it comes to waste management. Little Buddies introduces an innovative solution for businesses with industrial land suitable for composting and vermiculture but lacking in specific expertise: our On-Site Consulting Services.

In tune with the "we do all the work, you take all the credit!" moto of our partnership program, the On Site Consulting offering is aimed at businesses who wish to retain ownership of their end-to-end waste solution, and want to leverage Little Buddies' expertise to kick start (and/or operate) their solution for them.

The Regenerative Journey

By leveraging Little Buddies' expertise, companies can establish their own dedicated composting and vermiculture facility harnessing our knowledge and expertise. This approach ensures your waste is processed effectively, benefiting both the environment and your business, without the hassle of managing operations outside your core business.

This is often a great solution for busy farm or orchard operations, who want to start the journey towards more sustainable and regenerative practices, and want some help getting started.

We can also assist in assessing soil health and recommending pragmatic next steps in reducing agri-chemical costs and impacts by utilising the by-products of your new regenerative practices.

Consulting Services

Understanding that each waste stream presents its own set of challenges, we offer bespoke planning tailored to your company's specific waste output. Our process begins with:

  1. Detailed Waste Survey and Management Plan: Assessing types and quantities of waste and any associated risks and hazards and developing strategies for the responsible processing thereof. 

  2. Infrastructure Planning: Allocating space and infrastructure with environmental impacts and consents in mind.

  3. Consenting: Collaborating with you and local council on ensuring the operation is correctly consented

  4. Execution: Ensuring efficient execution within budget constraints.

  5. Ongoing Management: Once the facility is established, Little Buddies can run the day to day operations for you, or train your staff for ongoing operation.

  6. Soil Health Assessments:  No matter where you are on your Regenerative Agriculture journey, we are here to help from soil assessments and recommendations to remediation of fatigued soils.

Management Options

Once in place, Little Buddies offers flexibility in managing your on-site operation. Whether you prefer our ongoing management services to ensure optimum performance or wish to have your staff trained for day-to-day operations, we adapt to meet your needs. Our goal is to make sustainable waste management accessible and hassle-free for businesses committed to making a difference.

Where To From Here?

Embracing sustainability requires more than just intention; it demands actionable solutions. With Little Buddies' On-Site Services, your business can take a significant step towards reducing its environmental footprint. Let us handle the complexities of waste management, so you can focus on what you do best. Contact us to start a conversation about how we can work together.