Simplifying Sustainability: Co-Located Services by Little Buddies

For many businesses, the desire to engage in sustainable waste management practices like composting and vermiculture clashes with the realities of urban regulations, space constraints, and the significant investment needed for infrastructure. Little Buddies presents a solution through our Co-Located Services, a program designed to let businesses contribute to sustainability without the hassle.

Hassle-Free Sustainability

We manage everything—from processing waste using best practices in vermiculture to handling infrastructure, staff, and regulatory compliance—allowing businesses to reap the marketing and PR benefits of green initiatives without the operational complexities. In a nutshell,  "We do all the work, you take all the credit!" encapsulates the essence of our Co-Located Services.

Flexible Waste Submission

Understanding the diverse needs of businesses, we offer two convenient options: partners can drop off their waste at our facility for reduced tonnage fees or opt for our collection service, ensuring a seamless integration into their existing operations.

Financially Rewarding

Partners invest in worm farms tailored to their waste volume, with a clear cost structure based on the bespoke needs of each business. After covering operational costs, profits are shared.

  • Initially all profits from sale of the vermicast from the partner's farms are returned to the partner as a rebate on tonnage fees until the investment is recouped,

  • After the partners investment is recoverd, profits are shared 50/50, making sustainability not just an ethical choice but a financially sound one.

Getting Started

The Co-Located Services offering from Little Buddies bridges the gap between the ambition for sustainable waste management and the practical challenges businesses face. It’s an invitation to join a growing community of forward-thinking organizations that prioritize the environment without compromising on their operational needs.

Embarking on a sustainable journey with Little Buddies is straightforward. Interested businesses simply need to reach out to us to discuss their needs, waste volume, and explore a tailored partnership that aligns with their sustainability goals and budget.