Waste Collection for Businesses

Organic waste collection done better.

When organic matter ends up in landfill, it decomposes without oxygen and releases powerful greenhouse gasses. 

Little Buddies exists to help keep food, paper and other organic waste out of landfill and give it new life as nutrient-rich soil conditioner that can be used to improve soil health.

Waste Collection for Businesses

We make it super-easy for any business including cafes, restaurants, offices and breweries to dispose of waste in a cleaner, earth-friendlier way.

Items we can collect:

We offer waste collection services multiple times per week throughout Cambridge and Hamilton.

  • Kitchen Waste
  • Plate Scrapings
  • Coffee Grounds
  • Paper towels / Napkins
  • Cardboard / Shredded Paper
  • Green Waste

We'd love to speak with you to understand how we can help reduce your business's impact on the environment.

Collection Enquiry

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