How our Worm Farming practices solve multiple problems at once

The more we work with the community and businesses to improve their waste reduction and management processes, the more excited we become about solving food waste processing through worm farms. 

It turns out that our worm farm operation solves many pressing environmental issues, and we are excited to share this journey with you.

Processing food and green waste via hot composting and worm farming practices rapidly returns nutrients, carbon and organic matter to the soil. This greatly reduces methane emissions and leachate creation that plagues traditional bunkering processed used on stud farms and dairy operations.

The end product, rich in carbon, organic matter, and essential chemicals and compounds to promote plant growth is immediately stable and usable upon harvesting, a significant advantage over traditional composting methods where heated compost often needs to rest for months before it can be used.

Increasing organic matter and carbon in soils improves water retention in soils, reducing run off into waterways, and providing a measure of insulation against drought and improving water quality. Soil structure and aeration is also improved.

Plant resilience to pests is increased. Vermicast is rich in phenolic compounds. When these compounds are taken up by plants, resistance to aphids and white caterpillars is improved as these compounds taste bad and can be toxic to these insects (and others like them).
Little Buddies was created to incorporate city waste products such as kitchen waste and other forms of organic matter into country, commercial and industrial waste processing facilities and return the resulting vermicast to the land. This town/country connection, along with our worm farming processes helps to solve many critical environmental challenges we face:
  • Landfill Diversion
  • Carbon Sequestration
  • Soil Depletion
  • Agricultural water run-off and water quality
  • Drought insulation
We are proud to be part of the solution. Join us.