2021 Recap and 2022 Goals

2021 Recap

What a year its been. In 2021 we started the mission to "Divert organic waste from landfill and return it to the land via worm farms and environmentally responsible processes".

We started a pilot program in Feb 2021, and by the end of the year had diverted around 15,000 litres of organic matter from landfill. This is a great start on the journey, and we have learned a lot about our Little Buddies and how worm farms can play a critical role in processing waste quickly and efficiently as we return it to the soil.

Thank you to you all for your support and encouragement. From simple beginnings, great things can happen and we are super excited about bringing commercial scale worm farming to the Waikato in a way that is environmentally responsible and community focused.

Our plans for 2022

Now that we have proven the process from waste pick up to worm farm, to harvest, we are looking to greatly increase the amount of waste we can divert from landfill, and up-cycle into nutrient rich soil conditioner via our worm farms. 

To do this, we are looking to partner with Stud Farms, Horse Trainers, Dairy Farms and Orchards to not only help them process their own waste in a fraction of the time of common bunkering and composting practices take, but to fold in waste from the community to create a truly circular process that benefits everyone.

If you currently produce large amount of waste on site, perhaps processing it via more traditional methods, and want to help lead the way with us we would love to have a chat.