Carbon Sequestration

It is well known that soil organic matter (SOM) include improves soil quality through: 

  • increased retention of water and nutrients
  • improved soil structure which helps reduce erosion

These improvements to soil conditions result in improved groundwater and surface waster quality, and improved biodiversity in soils.

Ultimately these sum up to increased food security and decreased negative impacts to ecosystems.

That's a fancy way of saying that returning carbon to the soil is a good thing. Normally plants do this via photosynthesis, however we can play our part as well. Adding compost and vermicast to the soil is a great way of returning carbon to the soil and has the added benefit of returning the nutrients in the organic matter to the soil as well.

Little Buddies can take this all one step further. By incorporating waste from cafe's, businesses, retirement villages etc into our worm farming processes, we can intake town waste and return it to gardens, farms and orchards across the Waikato. This waste often ends up in landfill, and we are proud to provide a means to return this carbon to the soil.