Do You Sell Vermicast or Worm Tea?

Do you sell your vermicast/worm tea?

Soon! We are as excited about providing high quality worm castings to the Waikato public as you are; diverting waste from landfill and returning those nutrients to the soil is why Little Buddies was formed in the first place!

In order to provide worm tea and vermicast to the public in Cambridge, Hamilton and surrounding areas in the Waikato, we have a few more processes to complete before we are ready to go. These processes will ensure that you are receiving high quality products, without risk of contamination from persistent herbicides and other risks common to all forms of compost and soil conditioners.

Once we are ready to sell vermicast to the public, we will be shouting it from the roof tops on our social media and here on the website, so follow us on Instagram to stay informed.

In the meantime, we are using the vermicast created by our worm farms in our own garden and seeing the results! We can't wait to share our high quality vermicast with you, and we will proudly do so once we are confident we meet our own expectations around quality.