On Site Waste Processing

Large producers of waste often prefer to truck their waste off site to be processed at central facilities. While this may seem attractive, as it gets the waste off your land and out of sight, we prefer to work with you to process waste on site.

There are many reasons for this, the primary reason being that we want to keep nutrients local. If you are a stud, dairy farm, orchard or commercial garden, we want to keep your nutrients and return them to your soil. 

We add to this mix our own commercial food and organic waste collection materials so that we enrich your organic matter which returns even more nutrients and humus to the soil.

For those partners who do not wish to access the end product for their land, processing on site still has benefits. In preparing waste for processing by our farms, we reduce the volume of waste by around 25%. Processing through the farms reduces volume by about another 20%. 

This reduction in volume results in lower trucking costs, as well as the knowledge that your waste is not only being processed responsibly in a way that benefits the environment, but you are also assisting the wider community in processing waste from other businesses in the region.

If you wish to explore partnering with us to improve your waste reduction and waste management processes, contact us here.