From Landfill to Land: How Little Buddies Returns Nutrients to the Soil

Landfills are often the unfortunate endpoints for vast quantities of food waste. Yet, within these discarded scraps lie a wealth of nutrients that the Earth could reclaim. Little Buddies has embarked on a mission: divert food waste from landfills and utilize it to rejuvenate our soil.

The Problem with Landfills

When food waste ends up in landfills, it undergoes anaerobic decomposition, releasing methane—a potent greenhouse gas. Not only does this process contribute to global warming, but the essential nutrients within the food waste also remain trapped, unable to benefit the environment.

Augmenting Composting with Food Waste

Introducing food waste to the composting process can significantly enhance the nutrient profile of the resulting compost and vermicast. Food scraps bring a blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and various essential micro-nutrients. These nutrients, when integrated into Little Buddies' compost and worm farm practices, create a rich end product that can significantly benefit soil structure, quality, and nutrient availability.

Little Buddies’ Approach to Landfill Diversion

Our focus at Little Buddies is twofold. Firstly, we aim to divert as much food waste as possible from ending up in landfills. Through our food waste collection service, and partnering with local waste carriers, we aim to reroute these discarded nutrients towards a more sustainable purpose.

Secondly, by integrating the collected food waste into our composting processes, we ensure these nutrients are returned to the soil as compost and vermicast, promoting soil fertility and plant health. In doing so, we're not merely disposing of waste; we're actively transforming it into a valuable resource.

The Circle of Nutrients

Nature intended for nutrients to cycle continuously. Plants grow, are consumed, and then their remains should ideally decompose and return to the soil, providing nourishment for future plants. This is known as the nutrient cycle.

Modern society's move away from this is a large contributor to soil fatigue. By diverting food waste from landfills and channeling it into compost and vermicast, Little Buddies ensures this natural cycle is repaired.


While the modern world grapples with waste management challenges, solutions lie in reimagining our approach. At Little Buddies, our mission isn't just about diverting waste; it's about recognizing its potential and ensuring that food waste, instead of being lost in landfills, finds its way back to the land, enriching our soils for generations to come.

If you are a waste carrier or local business looking to augment your sustainability initiatives, we would love to learn about what you are up to and how we can help. Whether it is food waste collection, or something more heavy duty, we are here to help.